The Golfalyzer™

is a personal breathalyzer for those who enjoy a legal beverage while golfing. VIEW PROMO VIDEO

If you enjoy a legal beverage while golfing, you know how it can effect your game - both good and bad.  Using a breathalyzer and knowing your number will help you better enjoy your game!

The Golfalyzer™ Story

Golfers and other social athletes are always looking for the gift that will help make their game more enjoyable. VIEW STORY VIDEO

The Golfalyzer™, a personal breathalyzer, helps make the game more enjoyable and since it never touches your lips, your buddies can also join in the fun! Checking your BAC is never a bad thing.

How To Use The Golfalyzer™

Watch our video to see how to properly use the Golfalyzer™. HOW TO USE VIDEO

Knowing how to properly use the Golfalyzer™, a personal breathalyzer, will ensure your best results.   Treat yourself to the hottest golf gift!

End of the Round

At the end of your round, besides your score, the Golfalyzer™ will give you your final number.

The Golfalyzer™ is a personal breathalyzer.  Be smart!  Be safe!  Always drink responsibly and use a designated driver. Never let any round be your last!  

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The Golfalyzer™, your personal breathalyzer
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             "2013 Best Product of Conference" Award


The Golfalyzer™ is America's hottest new golf gift!
Using the Golfalyzer™, a personal breathalyzer, you will be able to monitor your BAC on the course and after the game. We want you to enjoy your beverage, enjoy your round, and get home safely.
Remember, the only good number is .00

Know your number… and enjoy your game!
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