Other Cool Stuff

These are other cool items or sites we think our Golfalyzer™ customers and fans will enjoy:

The Golf Director - Worldwide and LIVE! - Golf Talk Radio

Broadcasting 24/7 and available for listen on-demand and download.  There are three main features of TheGolfDirector.com - The Home Site or Community, the Radio Podcast site, and the Myrtle Beach Golf Blog.

GolfTrainingAids.com, the world's #1 source for golf training aids!

GolfTrainingAids.com is owned and operated by Golf Around the World, Inc. and is located in West Palm Beach Florida. The company was founded by PGA Master Professional Dr. Gary Wiren in 1984 as a resource for providing training aids to teaching and touring professionals. GolfTrainingAids.com now offers the world's largest selection of golf teaching and training aids.   www.golftrainingaids.com

The patented Swing Jacket is the only golf swing training technology that physically guides you through a perfect swing.  Whether you’re hitting full shots with any club in your bag or taking practice swings at home, the Swing Jacket automatically trains your body to memorize the optimal bio-mechanic swing for your body.      http://swingjacket.com

PSP Golf (Pure Solid Perfect) - The Little One is a revolutionary new warm-up/game improvement club that has been used by over 200+ Tour players on the range or around the greens. The Little One will give you instant feedback on every swing.  This will lead to more rapid improvement of your ball striking, tempo, accuracy, and you will build more confidence with every swing.  The result is lower scores and more fun on the golf course.       www.tlogolf.com

JumboMax® Grips are a new, USGA conforming, patented golf grip designed to fit your hands better and provide superior control while promoting relaxed grip pressure. The result is a more fluid swing, faster club head speed, and easier squaring of the clubface for longer, straighter drives and more accurate shots from tee to green.     www.jumbomax.com

Golf Coach Direct - Live online lessons.  The coach and the student record swings while playing, while on the range, or during a lesson using a digital camera or cell phone video.  


Over the past 10 years, SNAG® Golf has built a premier learning system recognized by industry leaders around the world as the superior method to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and easy way.  The SNAG® Golf System contains age appropriate equipment and programming to effectively teach the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels. SNAG® Golf offers the versatility to learn and play in almost any environment you choose. Learn & Play Anywhere!          www.snaggolf.com

The Sun SafeTee Program is the leader in providing sun protection education and skin cancer awareness programs specifically for the golf community. We give educational seminars, distribute sunscreen samples and published literature, and provide informational hand-outs for tournament attendees.  Working with our partner associations we provide skin cancer screenings to their membership.

If you would like to host a Sun SafeTee event or to learn how you can help promote sun protection education in your area, please contact us.      http://www.sunsafetee.org/

The International Network of Golf: “Where Media and the Golf Industry Connect.” 
ING is a non-profit organization that has been networking the golf industry since 1990.  Membership is open to anyone from any segment of the golf industry, and to all media who cover the business of golf.  ING’s mission is to bring golf industry executives together with members of the golf media to improve communications, introduce new products, services, and destinations.       www.INGgolf.com

Undeniably Smooth Disposable Electronic Cigarillos.  Vaporillo’s™ is fabricated by the world’s leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. We use cutting-edge technology in all of our products. Vaporillo’s™ gives you the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere by eliminating all the ash, tar, carbon monoxide, and offensive, noxious odor associated with regular tobacco products. That means that the non-smoking community may rest at ease with the eradication of second-hand smoke and all of the dangers that come with it. Vaporillo’s™ run on a lithium ion battery with no need to light up. They look and feel like the real thing. Users inhale nicotine and full-bodied flavoring through a smoke-like vapor without leaving behind ash, polluting butts, smoker’s breath, or obnoxious odors.     www.vaporillos.com

Perfect Speed Greens are very unique and innovative putting greens.  All models have been newly designed with a thick EVA foam base to better allow for chipping and to create a deep realistic putting cup.  These putting greens offer a fun and effective way to practice.  Decorate your golf room, trophy room, or office and practice all year long on the most important part of your game.