Our Customers Say It Best ...

“I was recently at a fund raising golf outing when I saw one of the guests was tittering towards his car. I had seen him on the course a couple times and noticed that he was getting his share of the free beer. We chatted for a few minutes and then I got him to blow into my Golfalyzer. Wow, he registered a .10! Needless to say we took him back to the clubhouse and found a friend to drive him home. I feel the Golfalyzer quite possibly saved this guy’s life.”        Matt Ballard, President & CEO, Charleston Area Alliance

“I have purchased one Golfalyzer and love it.  May I please order one dozen at the applicable discount?”       David W

“I recently purchased the Golfalyzer and I must say it's incredible!  It's simple, small, easy to use and carry and the perfect gift for my buddies who play golf.  The Golfalyzer is an ABSOLUTE must-have for all golfers.  I can't believe that anyone who wants to be responsible does not carry one in their golf bag or out at night with them if they have any intentions whatsoever of driving again.”        Phil Auerbach, President, Golf Coach Direct
“As someone involved in promoting golf sponsorships and events, I know the importance of not only having fun but staying safe; the Golfalyzer can help you do that.  It’s so easy to carry and simple to use that it should be in every golf bag.”      Jay Weiss, CEO, Pro Tour Marketing
"While finding your optimum blood alcohol level for your golf game is all well and good, there's definitely another side to the issue. Presently, the allowable BAL is 0.08. There's a strong movement to drop it to 0.05. Do you know when you've reached either level? Better yet, any level? Would you pay one-time less than $30 payment to find out? Or would you rather put yourself in a position to be liable for a five combination of fines, fees and attorney charges for a DUI? The answer is simple. The Golfalyzer is your Get Out of Jail Free card."       
Jack O’Leary, Freelance Writer

“Golfalyzer is the perfect product to have at the 19th hole. When people see how easy it is to use, everyone wants one.”    Dane Wiren, CEO, Golf Around The World  (www.GolfTrainingAids.com)